Being Stranded on Earth: A Private Session

 Many people in private sessions secretly admit that they don’t feel like they are in their natural habitat.  Some feel like they come from a different land and feel isolated from their true home.  Many don’t want to admit this because they are afraid of seeming strange.  Some of them have imagery of being […]

Healing Mother and Daughter Dynamics: A Private Session

Imagine being a mother who has given so much to your child that you feel you have to disconnect from them for self-preservation.  The child may seem indifferent or unappreciative.  But there may be underlying reasons.  But how do you validate someone who has put all their energy in one person without making them feel […]

Connecting with your Soulmate Through Song: A Private Session

This session was different to all the other sessions I have done.  This client could not repeat one tap for me.  It got tangled in her mind.  This is a natural tendency of the ego to prevent the shifts from happening within the individual.  If the ego wanted the individual to shift, they would shift. […]

Consciously Opening Your Energy

  The energy systems of the body are all apertures to the opening of your consciousness.  Not just the heart chakra.  Every mitochondrion is an energy that opens and closes at your command.  Gratitude, kind gestures, doing something for someone else or for something outside of yourself literally opens your energy. Patience, stillness, and paying […]

The Cultural Disparagement of Girls: A Private Session

In many cultures, boys are valued much more than girls.  This is so ingrained that women from particular cultures carry around a disparaging energy of shame and unworthiness underneath the surface that is always present in everything they do.  It may show up as being an over achiever or always needing to try harder. In […]