Upgrading Business to be of Service Society

 It was a surreal feeling when I started to get a sense of the dynamic shifts that I could achieve in an individual.  It was like realizing that you have a superpower that nobody would believe and nobody would acknowledge.  Those that benefited from my work thought it was too incredulous to share. But […]

Release Being Sacrificed: A Private Session

There is an infinite barrage of experiences that happen in the psyche of man.  The problem with dealing with so many issues is that the human condition tends to negate any experience that is not rooted in physical reality.  But the physical reality is merely one filter on a multidimensional lens of realities. If you […]

The Real Drivers of Business Success

  Perhaps the greatest driver of business success is the absence of negative thinking. There is no place for negative thinking in a successful business. When it does show up, it appears as skepticism, as office politics, in putting others down, or in disparaging others’ work or ideas. Negative thinking is toxic to all forms […]

Addressing Employees with an Inflated Sense of Self-Worth

  It doesn’t matter if you are a tail feather or a wing feather. You are still responsible for the flight. A primal survival mechanism that everyone has is the belief that they are indeed great.  There is always at least one person in a group that has an inflated sense of themselves. As rewarding […]