Releasing the Pain of the Black Experience: A Private Session

The events of the past couple years have revealed the discrepancies in the quality of life that has been the reality of people of color.  Finally, they have reached such a tipping point that mainstream white culture can no longer invalidate our brothers and sisters by denying the very existence of their plight.  As horrific […]

Healing all Traumas of War: A Private Session

How would you go about releasing the pain and unspoken traumas of someone who has been meshed in war without having them relive the trauma?  In this private session, all the secret shames and regrets that are hidden in the mangled mass of tangled energy system are released.  The seemingly hopeless psyche of a literally […]

Win-Win for Business and Society

  Many have argued that seeking to enhance societal wellbeing will prove costly for a company and its shareholders.  But this is simply not true. In many situations, the only way to continue to create wealth for shareholders over the long term, is by setting out to do so in ways that enhance societal wellbeing. […]