Jen in her Jammies: Coping with Panic Attacks

 Panic attacks can be incredibly unpleasant – both physically and psychologically.  They are experiences most would choose to avoid, if given that choice.  So, it is useful to explore their nature, what causes them, and what we can do to cope when they occur. Viewed from almost any angle, most people would see little […]

Jen in her Jammies: Overcoming Addictions

 Overcoming addictions can be challenging.  But it can be made easier if we first understand the true nature of an addiction.  It is not just a case of ‘mind over matter’.  There is a lot more to it than that. Behind most addictions lie streams of psychic energy.  These energies can detect our vulnerabilities […]

Jen in her Jammies: Embracing Female Energy

 Embracing female energy is a particularly important topic.  This is because in a world dominated by male energy, bringing male and female energy into balance can be a vehicle for mass awakening. The pursuit of truth or enlightenment by individual seekers has typically involved either a relatively passive, feminine approach where the seeker remains […]

Jen in her Jammies: Transcending Negativity

 Life can be challenging for those who are awakening.  One of the challenges they must confront is to function effectively in a world in which many are not operating at the same vibratory rate, and instead are engaging in negativity. When we are awakening and becoming more aware of what is happening around us, […]

Jen in her Jammies: Surviving Family

 There are two types of bonds that exist between family members – love bonds and karmic bonds.  Karmic bonds are more common. When we have karmic bonds with family members, it can sometimes feel like we are ‘living amongst the enemy’.  This is because family members may well have been enemies in previous lifetimes.  […]

Jen in her Jammies: Abundance for All

 There are many forms of abundance.  But most people see abundance only in terms of monetary wealth.  This is unfortunate, because by fixating on just one aspect of abundance, we can filter out other forms that might be heading our way. Monetary abundance is only a physical means through which to ‘buy’ more fundamental […]

Conversations with Jen: Dusting Off Truths

 Here is the follow up letter my guest wrote after our “Conversations with Jen” session.  We had worked together eleven years ago when he was gifted with a fifteen minute introduction to me.  In that fifteen minutes, I became loved and respected by his family.  They desperately wanted a dog.  He was adamant that […]