Jen in her Jammies: Mental Health Issues or Rogue Genius?

 Each of us is unique.  But pressure to conform has meant that many people feel a need to hide their uniqueness in order to fit in. This can be particularly true for ‘rogue geniuses’ who experience life differently to the majority.  Such people can have a great deal to offer.  But at the same […]

Jen in her Jammies: Spiritual Wankerism

 The series of conversations that led to this podcasts called “Jen and Her Jammies” started with Marvin and I having conversations about what turned him off about spiritual groups and practices.  He would be interested in some truths a particular person or group was sharing.  But he was then confronted with the Spiritual Wankerism […]

Jen in her Jammies: SFT Tapping

 I have been writing about Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping for years now.  I try to explain how this seemingly simple exercise is the key to self-empowerment and mass awakening.  If a person can remove their blockages, it assists others in the collective to removing theirs as well. The SFT taps provide a self-discipline […]