Jen in her Jammies: Calling All Light Workers

This episode of Jen in her Jammies is a call from the heart to all light workers. For decades, Marvin and I have been working separately to transform humanity. I am in Rochester NY.  My focus has been on uplifting individuals and empowering them to uplift themselves. Marvin and his business partner are in Australia.  […]

Releasing for the Collective: A Private Session

 Some people come to have private sessions with me solely to assist the upliftment of humanity. These are some of the most powerful sessions that are recorded. In this particular session, there was nothing to read from of a negative issue from the client. There was a pure intention to release for others. There […]

Jen in her Jammies: The Controlling Eye

 In this conversation, I draw on insights gained in private sessions to offer a new and uplifting perspective on several important spiritual concepts. The first topic we discus relates to the idea that we are all one.   This idea is limiting.  The truth is more expansive.  We are all everyone. We also discuss the […]