A Kumbaya Moment: A Private Session

Groups like churches use individuals as energy to fuel their success.  Even if we are no longer members in a church in this life, there could be past lifetimes where our passion was stoked through song and prayer to make us numb to our own pain.  We poured all of ourselves into the group in that lifetime and may have continued doing so in energy, long after that lifetime ended.  If someone was depleted in a past life it can show up in this lifetime.  It could cause an inability to run the present body because all the energy is allotted to a past life experience.  As a remedy, if one can recognize an issue and pull back all our energy from past lives, there is a chance in invigorating the present body.   This can rebalance our health, ease our angst and brings us more comfort.

Being present is about collecting the energy that was taken from us in the past.

When members throw up their hands in words of “Praise Jesus,” they are throwing their energy into the group consciousness and perhaps depleting themselves.  It’s not necessary or helpful to the individual or Jesus.  Taps can help the person take back ownership of the self.  They can help Jesus too.  He does not wish people martyring their happiness for an experience he passed through as quickly as possible. Perhaps he had to go through that experience to assist humanity.  But maybe humanity is being held back when people identify with the suffering and take it into themselves.

Easter is a re-enactment of the torture of Jesus and he doesn’t want to be trapped there.  There is no need to perpetuate or personifying a past trauma of any kind.  We don’t free anyone by identifying Jesus with the pain.  We free Jesus of the pain by loving the people who are hurting.  Those who cause suffering to any individual are hypocrites. Keeping the collective trapped in the horrors of an experience seems like sanctioned ignorance from a certain vantage point.

Whenever a pain comes in, don’t identify with it.  Let it pass through your body like an open window.  When we are connected to the collective, we may feel pains pass into our body. Letting them pass right through is as aspect of healing.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release martyring ourselves by feeling the pain of the collective; in all moments

We release pooling the pain of the collective within our body; in all moments

We release perpetuating the torture of Jesus; in all moments

We release giving ourselves to ignoble intentions; in all moments

We dissipate all sanctioned ignorance; in all moments

We remove all muscle memory of sanctioned ignorance; in all moments

We shatter all glass ceilings that sanctioned ignorance has taken from us; in all moments

We take back all our energy from ignoble causes; in all moments

We release confusing ignoble intentions for sacred guidance; in all moments

We strip all illusion off of all ignoble intentions; in all moments

We are centered and empowered in our sacred altar to God; in all moments

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