Jen Ward is a dynamic healer, executive coach and group facilitator.  She has devoted her life to helping others unlock their true potential.  She is also an accomplished writer and poet.

Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique ability to see and remove the blockages to happiness and effectiveness that exist within any individual, and the impediments to harmony or performance that exist within a team.

Once these blockages have been removed, all vestiges of self-doubt and mediocrity are emptied.  All doors are opened for individuals to realize their own potential.  This affords them the ability to tap into the holy grail of their life’s purpose.  The ability to repair all schisms between one’s purpose and one’s vocation in business gives anyone an edge to all that they do.  Interacting from the heart as well as an acute mind creates a fluidity in action that is likened to artistry.

As blockages are removed, executives are able to see any situation from multiple vantage points that they may not have once considered.  They can also address undercurrents of issues that they may not have even recognized before working with Jen.  This assists them in operating in a space free of resistance and the inertia that office politics may create.  They can now see the outcome of any interaction way quicker than having to “play it out” and wait.

Leadership teams empowered in this way, are able to embrace the new business paradigm now emerging, in which companies consciously set out to create wealth on an ongoing basis, in ways that enhance the wellbeing of individuals, the wider community and the environment.

Jen’s ability to produce these outcomes stems directly from her ability to perceive in energy as accurately as most of us see in the physical world.  Some people are able to “read the room” or size up the competition; which gives them an edge. Jen not only perceives all otherwise undetected nuances, she also teaches clients how to do this for themselves.  It is a very specialized skill which is more about “unlearning” rather than creating yet another layer of tactics.

Jen’s unique SFT Protocols put simple but immensely powerful tools in the hands of her clients.  This means they are empowered to continue their personal development journey well beyond their time working directly with Jen. Having access to Jen’s protocols is like her giving clients the secret sauce to what she offers.  Each use of the SFT Protocols is like having a private session with Jen.