About Jen Ward

Jen Ward is a dynamic healer, performance coach and group facilitator. She has devoted her life to helping others unlock their true potential. She is also an accomplished writer and poet.

Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique ability to perceive in energy and read akashic records. This, along with her Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, allows Jen to work with clients to remove blockages to happiness and effectiveness that exist within any individual.

Jen’s unique SFT tapping protocols put simple but immensely powerful tools in the hands of all those that work with her. The four primary SFT tapping protocols are available to be downloaded for free from this website. In addition, many of Jen’s books contain thousands of specific SFT taps that address various issues.

Jen works with clients in private sessions to release core issues. Once blockages and core issues have been removed with SFT tapping, all doors are opened for individuals to realize their true potential. This affords them the ability to tap into the holy grail of their life’s purpose. Many individuals continue their spiritual journey by participating in weekly Jenuine Healing subscription events and signing up for various intensive masterclass workshops.

Jen and her husband Marvin also facilitate regular free group SFT tapping events to address core issues afflicting the collective. These events are part of the work that Jen and Marvin do to uplift all of humanity into higher consciousness.

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