An EFT Facilitator Doing SFT Taps: A Private Session

This client was an EFT facilitator who was used to tapping.  She tried the SFT tapping and it seemed to be helpful to her.  In her session, I explained to her the differences between EFT and SFT tapping.  EFT was focused on releasing issues from the emotional or astral level of awareness.  The SFT taps were meant to address issues on all levels of consciousness and that is why it is called the Spiritual Freedom Technique.  The SFT is a shortcut for spiritual empowerment.  If anyone has been struggling in the mind, or lacks focus in their spiritual practices, the SFT taps can assist.  This being said, everything in a person’s life is a spiritual practice.

The SFT protocol allows the individual to get beyond the mind.  Since the ego exists at the same level as the mind, the ego will sabotage a lot of the endeavors to get beyond the mind.  The SFT taps are a means to transcend the mental realms without the need of the ego’s compliance.  This is a HUGE upgrade.  They can also do this without having to ascribe to any outer belief system or by needing a middleman to put on a pedestal.

I also gave the client some techniques and understandings of the dynamics in energy so that she could respond to dynamics on a more subtle level.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

All the issues of all clients are removed from my beingness; in all moments

Taking on clients issues is released; in all moments

All energies are untangled; in all moments

All understandings are upgraded; in all moments

All issues are expunged; in all moments

All Karma is dissolved; in all moments

Enlightenment is realized; in all moments

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