Rewriting Your Soul Contract

Length: 22 minutes

Discover the power to rewrite your soul contract and transform your spiritual journey. Dive into this enlightening episode of the Jenuine Healing Down Under podcast.

In this enlightening video, world renowned energy healer, Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider discuss the profound concept of rewriting your soul contract. The discussion delves into the intricacies of soul contracts, exploring how individuals often feel bound by agreements written in their energy fields. These contracts, stemming from past life vows and agreements, can shape your present life in unexpected and challenging ways.

Jen emphasizes that you need not be passive victims of your soul contracts. You possess the power to rewrite and redefine them. By tapping into your higher consciousness and understanding your true spiritual nature, you can reclaim agency over your destiny.

The conversation sheds light on the relationship between soul contracts, karmic imprints, and engrams. Jen challenges conventional notions of karma as a punitive force, explaining that it’s merely energy that can be balanced and transformed. The goal is not to erase the past but to alter your relationship with it, allowing for growth, healing, and spiritual evolution.

The conversation also touches on the importance of developing a deeper understanding of yourself as a spiritual being. Jen discourages the weaponization of spiritual concepts like karma, emphasizing the importance of compassion and love in spiritual growth.

Furthermore, Jen suggests that individuals can pull all their past experiences and energies into the present moment, rendering the need for akashic records obsolete. By integrating past wisdom and understanding, they can transcend limitations and become spiritual adepts.

This enlightening discussion challenges conventional beliefs about soul contracts and encourages individuals to take an active role in shaping their spiritual journey. It offers a fresh perspective on karma, engrams, and akashic records, empowering individuals to rewrite their soul contracts and embrace a more profound understanding of themselves as spiritual beings.

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