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18 01, 2020

Your Story is Your Triumph

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Someone just asked me if I thought God would save us. This was my response: Yes. But not from afar. God will save us when we all take responsibility to save each other through kindness, consideration, caring, and sometimes conceding. God is within. So when more and more people accept the responsibility of Godlike demeanor, we will be saved from within. Don't expect the angels to swoop down from the heavens and smite the blade of the enemy. Expect the concept of enemy to dry up as you recognize the God love in each being. Don't expect an legion of [...]

25 11, 2019

How Humanity Transcends

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I just woke up from a very telling experience in the inner realms. I was going to an even with one of my sisters. She is someone I have done a few very kind things for in this life. The event was in the top floor of an old building that used to be a church. There were so many levels of stairs that we had to climb. It felt like an incredible task. The sister ran ahead of me with an excuse. She ended up meeting a friend somewhere in the top levels and never looked back to me. [...]

25 11, 2019

Releasing the Surreal

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I had a conscious experience that put me in sympathy with the man who became my captor. It was so horrific, I stuttered for a few weeks afterwards. Being empathetic and intuitive, I was able to have full access to his delusions. He was well versed in conspiracy theories, galactic wars and unimaginable realities. All of which has lent itself to me, in the present, assisting people on a whole other level. The only reason I risk sharing now is because it may help someone heal from some atrocity. In the experience, he and I were both men. He was [...]

11 11, 2019

Paper Mâché and Your Adventurous Spirit

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Remember in grade school making paper mache? It was strips of paper that were plastered together using a paste. Do you remember what that paste was made of? I was eating a bag of pretzels one day and my Spirit Guide reminded me of what it was. All the paste consisted of was salt, flour and water. Remember how thick that concoction was? Can you imagine eating it? I was eating the bag of pretzels and realized I kind of was. I thought of all the years I ate bread and salt. It must have created a goop inside my [...]

7 11, 2019

Psychic Manipulation

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This is how psychic manipulation works: When we are asleep, we will get a subtle image pumped into us that supports an agenda. It is very similar to an energetic commercial. Once when I was watching a political convention that I did not necessarily agree with their platform, a current of energy came to me in the night and tried to seduce me by kissing me on the lips. I then knew how otherwise loving compassionate people could be in agreement with such obviously unloving political stances. They were under the influence of a psychic manipulation. I just experienced another [...]