Delores Cannon Practitioners: A Private Session


Imagine being a dynamic healer with incredible abilities, but because of the climate of the world, very few can recognize your contribution or appreciate you as the dynamic healer that you are. Imagine having to try to blend in with others that don’t have the same level of awareness that you do and being so frustrated that you are not able to share your abilities and passions.

This video affords the viewer an opportunity to take stock of what they are valuing in those they revere. Sure, everyone wants to be a grand poobah these days. But there is so much more to discover in the people around us that are doing the work faithfully behind the scenes.

This video will assist the viewer in realizing the subtle upgrades of what it is like to be a dynamic healer and how important it is to do the work with not even a hint of personality worship. Getting the ego out of the way, TOTALLY out if the way, affords the love, respect and integrity to rush forth. Perhaps any form of healing is simply a matter of removing the influence of the ego and allowing the divine connection to spontaneously ignite the realm of possibilities in regards to healing.


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