Dispensing with Spiritual Elitism


There is a practice that doesn’t get talked about much, but it is the motivation for why I have been compelled to write so many books. Each book is a means for the reader to take in spiritual truth from a different point of view. Everyone comes to the seeking of truth with a different set of unique experiences. To expect all seekers to converge into one set of practices that the grand poobah of the sect excels at; is the practice of spiritual elitism.

Spiritual elitism is not really mentioned to others. It is too subtle and too personal to talk about. But I run into people who are the victims of spiritual elitism all the time. It is the feeling of being inadequate because you are not having the dynamic experiences that others seem to share so readily in group settings.

What is interesting is that many of the people who share their dynamic experiences seem to be clueless as to the subtle cues of how sharing their experience is making others in the group feel inferior. But more likely, it is apparent to a third party how the telling of the experience gives the individual an advantage over the rest of the group. That person becomes a member of the spiritual elite.

The spiritual elite may be just as clueless and separated from the masses as the financial elite. Both may feel entitled because of the edge they have secured. One is in financial gain, the other is in spiritual abilities. But is the practice of leaving the body and controlling kundalini energy really that spiritually liberating, or is it merely another shrouded exercise in power?

I was never able to master leaving the body at will. I was always made to feel clueless in spiritual settings. I was rejected in such settings. I didn’t have the sheen of an advanced soul. I didn’t have that sharp edge to my energy field that attracted others to me. But I was the one the leaders would come to when they were out of balance. I was the one people called when they didn’t know where to turn to. I was the one who spent those special moments with the children and made being trapped in a room on a special day more fun. I was the one who listened to the inner prompting of the Adepts. Maybe that is you too.

The Adepts have guided me every step of the way. I traveled the world in a past incarnation meeting them in the physical realm. They have kept me safe and fed me love when this life seemed unbearable. Although, to outer circumstances, I seemed neglected and abused, inwardly I have been tended by the Guides (they are not “my Guides” – they are here for everyone).

The Adepts are special beings who have walked with me through every experience and heartache imaginable and even unimaginable. They have compassion delved so deep into their souls that it is impossible to be anything but the highest utterance of truth. Their love and attention is honest and firm. When they are seemingly hard on you, they are NOT being hard on you. They are ripping away layers of illusion that have ensconced you in a casing that prevents your higher awareness from bleeding through to your present awareness. The purpose of pain is to rip away the illusion. But the Adepts can do this as you keep your balance as well.

The Adepts have trained me for lifetimes to do the work that I do now. It is only in increments that I realize my own importance in assisting others. Its only in reflecting now how I realize everything that is quirky about me is a particular trait that benefits serving humanity as an Adept does. We are all in Adept training school. The pains and issues that we endure are our own private lesson plan so we can serve humanity in sincerity and with grace as we advance ever further into the heart of divine love.

The Adepts have prompted me to write nineteen books thus far. None of them are gratuitous. Every single book is a means for individuals to rip through the layers of illusion themselves and allow the inner light of higher consciousness to see through their eyes and speak through their tongue. The person who is reading this now no longer need to be separated by a veil from their higher self. Having access to higher truth is the means to enlightenment.

Please don’t worry about leaving the body, levitating or walking through walls. They may merely be distractions of the ego at this point. The real talent is to stay planted in the orbitational center of your physicality. Align all your energy to perfect balance while you summon all aspects of yourself in the here and now. Mastership is collecting all the energy of all your peripheral experiences from past lives or between lives, and command them all right now as your maintain your stance in this physical world. In doing this, you will expound and emanate as brilliantly in energy as the sun of our solar system.

Helping you achieve mastership without all the hoopla of bragging rights, is the intention of each one of my books. In this blog section, I will provide an overview of each of my books and why the Adepts compelled me to write them.

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