Dynamic Healing Private Sessions: A Private Session

Alternative healing is an enigma to so many. There is so much secrecy surrounding it. There is also a precarious dilemma created in convincing people how dynamic the work can be without making any sweeping claims. Anything someone says can and may be used against them in the future. It makes it more difficult for people to confidently share what they are capable of doing.

What happens in a private session is a sacred trust between the facilitator and the client. In many ways, it is one of the most intimate human experiences possible. It is amazing to me that some people agree to allow their private session to be shared on a public platform such as Youtube. This is a profound form of selflessness. It is, in a very reals sense, a gift to all of humanity.

In watching these sessions, the viewer can see themselves in both the client and myself. They can benefit from the validation that the individual is receiving at their core. It is great that these private sessions will be a means for so many to transcend their personal issues and realize that they are not alone. My hope is that more and more people will experience this divine connection with the Source of all healing within themselves.

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