Enlightenment Unveiled

Enlightenment Unveiled is a compilation of many of my early sessions.   I was just figuring out the deep healing possibilities that the tapping protocol offers.  Each client is research as a surrogate for humanity.  They allow me as a sensitive facilitator with the tutelage of the Adepts, to begin to untether the deep knotted karmic situations that batter the soul.  With each set of taps, I watched struggling souls become more balanced, confident, and composed.

There were miracles that happened in the facilitation of such sessions.  I just thought I was a sensitive massage therapist at the time.  But the training and intensity of the issues that were dealt with were merely a precursor to the ever more dynamic work that is perpetuating humanity towards masse enlightenment and world peace.

The sessions are conveyed in as clinical a way as possible from the vantage point of me.  The taps that are shared are the actual taps the client was instructed to do to shift their energy.  The book title, the image of Madame Blavatsky and myself used on the cover, and even the content, was all directed and prompted by the Adepts.

The Adepts wanted me to specifically use the image of me looking like Madame Blavatsky.  It was a means to use the work she had done in that life to pierce through consciousness as a starting point for the work I do in the present life.  In her book Isis Unveiled, she talked of the practice of rapping.  It seemed out of context at the time.  She was referring to the tapping that I now offer humanity in the SFT taps.

In the first edition of her book Isis Unveiled, Helena Blavatsky mentioned my present home town by name.  She said that Rochester, NY was a vortex for all flood of higher energies to pour into the physical world.  She was referring to herself in her future incarnation as “the present me”.  It is also noted that her first book was published in Rochester,  NY and is called the Small World Book Store.  It is still in business.

When I went into it recently, the owner jumped out of his chair to meet me.  He seemed old and lifeless until I passed by.  He suddenly became animated and greeted me like an adoring fan.  It was as if he was sitting as a sentinel in this store since the last lifetime and in meeting me again, was able to move on from an experience that he had completed.

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