Freeing the Victims: A Private Session

Spirituality is not about being nice.  That was the lie that was taught.

We have had lifetimes where we have done great things but we have had lifetimes, too, where we have harmed others.  It is from acknowledging all of who we are that we can experience transcendence.  Karma isn’t about punishment.  Karma is about carrying the burden of those whose paths we have interrupted in some way or another.  To free the burden in those we have harmed is to free the burden in ourselves.

Lifetimes where we have done harm to others can cause physical, emotional or mental duress.  In a session, we can go to those difficult lifetime—without you needing to consciously see them or relive them—and remove the stagnant energy causing issues in this life.  Once the coagulated energy is untangled and released, the issues it caused in all lifetimes fall away.

I can go with you to the most difficult moments, shine a light on them, love them and release the stagnant energy for you.  I can do this for you because I love in this way.

We can rewrite soul contracts that amount to unhappy experiences in our lives.  They may be written based on past transgressions or an outmoded belief system, or something we have done or something we think we deserve.  We can agree to write pleasant experiences in our soul contract. We have punished ourselves enough.

Each session is unique.  There is no script or preconceived notions.  Profound shifts happen by being completely present in whatever needs to come up in the moment., Your higher self conveys what needs to be released.  So in effect you are controlling the content.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We dissipate the psychic energy of cruelty; in all moments

We release harming others; in all moments

We release trapping others in cruelty; in all moments

We release being trapped in the cruelty we afflicted; in all moments

We release being trapped in hell; in all moments

We release punishing ourselves; in all moments

We remove all the curses on us; in all moments

We make all those we have harmed whole; in all moments

We remove all the anguish stored in our beingness; in all moments

We renounce power; in all moments

We reclaim our soul; in all moments

We exonerate ourselves; in all moments

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