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Either you know yourself to be a divine spark of God with freedom of choice or a breathing piece of matter that’s a victim of circumstance. Decide who you are. If you are a victim of circumstance then everyone else is a victim of circumstance as well. We are all made of the same stuff. But if you see the greatness in others, you must recognize greatness in yourself. If you then recognize greatness in yourself by default, you must take ownership of it.

Everything is energy work. Everything matters. Everything deserves attention and reverence. If you can show reverence doing the most mundane or unpleasant task, you are good the rest of the time. Showing reverence when you are doing something unpleasant resets your inner compass to love and respect for all life.

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They lasted thousands of years.

They were the systemic practice of killing anyone who not ascribe to the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church

Anyone who was empathetic, intuitive, respected nature, could communicate with trees, could perceive in energy, were healers, saw God in everything…were labeled and killed as heathens.

All the tenderness of compassion and intuitive were associated with the pagans that were tapped into nature was demonized and destroyed

The crusades were basically a systemic genocide of sensitive people

The memories of the crusades is what prevents people today from speaking their truth. The trauma of torture and death for being a pagan…meaning tapping into nature spirits is what creates people from embracing their more subtle senses

People who go to church just as a social exercise are reliving the terror of the crusades and afraid to be different.

When a knight would go and slay a dragon, it was an expression for a sensitive person who was tapped into their connection with dragons.

A dragon was a strong spiritual person who was a natural leader and teacher and taught others to perceive in energy. I am a dragon so are many of you.

The apathy that we are seeing today is a reflection of the trauma that we endured during the crusades

A lot of Atheists are withdrawing from religion is because of the trauma they endured during the crusades.

The crusades were about male energy overtaking the balance between male and female energy. That is when the ruthlessness and cruelty began its reign

The awakening of humanity depends on individuals healing this trauma within themselves. There is a lot of cruelty being deliberately inflicted on humanity as a means to open old wounds and keep people enslaved

The fact that I am sharing truths that have been locked away in dusty cathedrals is an indication that it is safe to awaken.

The reason there is not more outrage about current events is because the good ole boy club bought up all media access and is preventing truth to be told

Sharing as we do here and in the groups I facilitate are vital to awakening you sleeping dragon. This is why we came here.

Say each statement three times while tapping on your head. Then say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest. Take a deep breath after finishing the series.

”I release being a trapped animal, in all moments.”

”I release being forbidden to create on my own, in all moments.”

”I tap into my own creativity, in all moments.”

”I free myself of linear enslavement, in all moments.”

”I release the fear of being reprimanded, in all moments.”

”I release being subjugated by the mother, in all moments.”

”I release associating my creativity with slavery, in all moments.”

”I remove all blocks to my own creativity, in all moments.”

”I release being trained to work at all cost, in all moments.”

”I release the fear of being a starving artist, in all moments.”

”I make space in this world to expound my creativity, in all moments.”

”I remove all blockages to expounding my creativity, in all moments.”

”I openly all portals to expounding my creativity, in all moments.”

”I stretch my capacity to expound my creativity, in all moments.”

”I remove all shackles, in all moments.”

”I remove all engrams of being enslaved, in all moments.”

”I release the trauma of being devoured, in all moments.”

”I remove all engrams of being paralyzed before death, in all moments.”

”I remove all engrams of being killed by a lion, in all moments.”

”I slip out of living a fear based life, in all moments.”

”I repair and fortify my Wei Chi, in all moments.”

”I am centered and empowered in expounding my creativity, in all moments.”

”I resonate, emanate, and am interconnected with all life in expounding my

creativity, in all moments.”

”I release shutting down to comply, in all moments.”

Do the following phrases with the Energetic Cleanse:

  • Linear enslavement
  • Fear of being reprimanded
  • The mother
  • Starving artist
  • Being eaten by a lion
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