Healing Mother and Daughter Dynamics: A Private Session

Imagine being a mother who has given so much to your child that you feel you have to disconnect from them for self-preservation.  The child may seem indifferent or unappreciative.  But there may be underlying reasons.  But how do you validate someone who has put all their energy in one person without making them feel that the person is sabotaging their private session as well.

When someone comes to me, there is no blueprint for where the session goes.  If there are issues in their physical life, the engrams or images of a past life trauma are revealed right away.  There is no need to work hard to receive the images that are causing a person’s present-day trauma.  The client is reliving the trauma over again and again in their energy field.  It is like they have a screen displaying their trauma on an endless loop for anyone who can see, to see.  As it is replaying for everyone else, it is being relived by the recipient.

In this session, the woman didn’t get the session she wanted.  She got the session she needed.  Much of the resentment and the continuous loop of drama between her and her daughter was interrupted.  She felt the relief she so desperately needed.  Perhaps the mother and daughter will never be love bonds in this life.  But they can stop being antagonists or even blatant enemies.

If you have a dynamic that isn’t working for you, maybe the taps on this recording will assist you in getting some distance from the enemy from a past life that literally fell in your lap.



Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release being enemies with __________; in all moments

We release resenting __________; in all moments

We release the dynamics from the past that keep us fighting with ____________; in all moments

We release the fear and mistrust of ______________; in all moments

We release being held captive by _________________; in all moments

We release being a victim of ________________; in all moments

We release me being made out to be the bad guy; in all moments

We remove all vows and debts with ______________; in all moments

We wipe the karmic slate clean with ____________; in all moments

We evolve being beholden to _______________; in all moments

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