Jen in her Jammies: Embracing Female Energy

Embracing female energy is a particularly important topic.  This is because in a world dominated by male energy, bringing male and female energy into balance can be a vehicle for mass awakening.

The pursuit of truth or enlightenment by individual seekers has typically involved either a relatively passive, feminine approach where the seeker remains centered within themselves, and content to wait for the experience to come; or a masculine approach involving more overt or outwardly focused spiritual practices or disciplines.  But what if the secret lies in a respectful and symbiotic merging of both – and in neither trying too hard, nor relaxing too much?

In this conversation, we look back in history to when male and female energy were in balance, and discuss the symbiotic role each played when they were properly understood and honored.  We also discuss how that balance was lost, why we are now at a point where it is being restored, and why this restoration is so important for humanity and for the world.

We also point out the difference between truly embracing female energy as part of a respectful and symbiotic merging with male energy, and the pursuit of gender equality within the male energy dominated business word.

Now is time for female energy to hold her own for the sake of others. She must refuse to allow male energy to be superior. Not out of deference for herself but out of love for all humanity. Through the healing of the abuse of female energy, all humans, regardless of gender can heal.


This understanding can be amplified through a series of aphorisms, included below:


“Male energy has told us we need to get out of the body to be spiritual. Female energy says stay in your body and know you are the center of the Universe”.

“Male energy says: you must be perfect. Female energy says: all seeming imperfections are flecks in your illumination”.

“Male energy says: you must not help others without their permission. Female energy says: all are crying out for help in their prayers and you are compelled to use your talents to assist”.

“Male energy says you must be better than everyone. Female energy says; we are all equal, worthy and empowered”.

“Male energy says: an eye for an eye.  Female energy says: your eyes are my eyes and mine are yours”.

“Male energy says: It is best to take care of your own. Female energy says: all are my own”.

“Male energy says: God looks like him. Female energy says: God is in each heart, tree, flower and kindness”

“Male energy says: It is superior. Female energy: sees all as a refection of her. She embraces her vulnerability”

“Male energy says: you must defend yourself. Female energy says: I have no enemies”.

“Male energy subjugates Female energy.  Female Energy allows it because she doesn’t need to wield power or be adored”. (she is right except for one thing – female’s only weakness is underestimating her own nature)

“Female energy gives. Male energy takes especially from female energy”.

“Male energy is self focused. Female energy is selfless”

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