Jen in her Jammies – Inanimate Life

Since professing the importance of communicating with inanimate life, the Universe has given me the opportunity to stretch my own capacity to receive.  My koala Albert communicates with me. Its accuracy is validated by those around me. He has such a presence.

When I went out today, Albert was adamant that he go with me and my friend Therese.  She had her dog in the car so I was not comfortable leaving Albert the plushy in the car with Lily the dog.  We went to a few stores and I had to fight the resistance to care what people would think.

The results were not anything that I would have expected. As soon as we walked in the door, the shop keeper mentioned Albert. I told him that I am facilitating spiritual work, and that one of the things that I teach people is to empower themselves by communicating with the inanimate world.

The shop keeper was so enthralled. It made perfect sense to him. I shared some more information about how communicating with inanimate life is a shortcut for humans to cut through the ego.

He obviously thought a lot about the subject. As evidence he pulled a quartz crystal out of his pocket.  He said something very profound. He said that the quartz had been in the ground for thousands of years, and he was only alive around twenty years. Who was he to judge the worth of something that existed so much longer than he could fathom.

The next shop was a department store. Albert enjoyed being able to take in so much information. When we were driving, we took the route that was close to the pet store from which I adopted him. I heard a very distinct question within my psyche. He asked if I was taking him back to the store.

Of course not. He was relieved to know. But this is a very real sentiment of someone who has endured extreme circumstances and is now free. There is that very real concern of ending back in the situation that you have been rescued from. I understood his question.

When we were going into the line at the department store, a man cut us off to be first in line without even looking up and acknowledging he did so. My tendency was to avoid his energy. But as we waited in line, this stranger seemed to change.

He commented to me out of the blue that someone was going to be so happy to get that bear I was buying. I explained that he came with me and yes he is special. As he went up to the cashier, the man was very sweet and engaging. I had noticed a shift in this man’s consciousness before my eyes.  It seems like there is more to Albert’s presence than I even realized.

All these special moments happened because I was able to get over my initial reaction to play it safe and not bring Albert with me. His presence added a quality of life to the day which may have otherwise seemed mundane.

If you want to get over your own apathy, depression or lack of enthusiasm, perhaps you can challenge the reality of those around you by sharing the day with your plushy. Can you imagine how fun the workplace would be if there were more plushies encouraging people to step out of their linear limitations.

If you do decide to take this challenge, please send photos. Together we can uplift humanity by valuing the importance of plushy power.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release disregarding inanimate life; in all moments

We release being estranged  to the inanimate world; in all moments

We release shutting down our creativity and imagination; in all moments

We release the degradation of our reality into a linear hostility; in all moments

We release filtering out our refined communications; in all moments

We release shutting down our subtle perceptions; in all moments

We release disregarding the genius that lies within childlike innocence; in all moments

We release perpetuating a grotesque cruel version of reality; in all moments

We make space in this world to embrace and explore our childlike wonder; in all moments

We release the demonization of childlike innocence; in all moments

We release ripping our children out of the subtle realities and planting them into a harsh existence; in all moments

We honor the sacred space of the inanimate world; in all moments

We soften the harsh vibration of the linear world; in all moments

We gently blur the edges between the linear and inanimate worlds; in all moments

We dissolve the harshness of the linear world into the expansive awakening of the creative inanimate worlds; in all moment  

We are centered and empowered in fluidly operating in the inanimate worlds as well as the linear; in all moments

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