Jen in her Jammies: Pilot Episode

My friend Marvin had a dream experience of me and him creating an interview podcast show for Jenuine Healing.  The premise is that he represents the “mainstream” who may have a hard time bridging the gap of understanding of what a dynamic healer actually is capable of doing.

In the pilot of this new podcast, we introduce our inanimate friend Darshan the bear and send out intentions for what this podcast will achieve.  It is to get people more comfortable with alternative practices, take the hocus pocus out of certain practices, teach the viewer how to perceive in energy and have a better sense of the dynamics of energy.  It also encourages the listener to empower themselves through the SFT tapping and the various techniques and visualizations that Jenuine Healing offers.

The sense is that it is easier to convey spiritual lessons through explaining them in a dialogue, rather than try to articulate them in words.  After writing millions of worlds, there is still so much to convey.  Here is hoping that Jen in her Jammies can take the elitism out of spirituality and the viewer can gain greater strides in their own empowerment.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


All blockages to mainstreaming truth are released; in all moments

All blockages to mass awakening are removed; in all moments

All glass ceilings are shatter off of humanity; in all moments

All muscle memory of enslavement is removed from the masses; in all moments

All blockages to world peace are removed; in all moments

All psychic streams of energy preventing truth from being mainstream are dissipated; in all moments

All resistance to tapping and seeing the truth in Jenuine Healing is released; in all moments

The world is centered and empowered in universal truth; in all moments

2 thoughts on “Jen in her Jammies: Pilot Episode

  1. Marita Nazareth says:

    Hello Jen and Marvin and Darshan……. I will write a longer note to you later… but just want to congratulate you right away on this brain wave…. its something I have wanted for years…. I can’t tell you how excited I am… looking forward to the next one… If you ever want a 4th team partner who is fun and adores all three of you, count on me! I have already listened twice to this … I resonate with everything shared…. Thank you so much Jen Marvin and Darshan.. Google says that the name Darshan means Observing And Understanding and is of Indian origin. I am so excited that you chose an Indian name… I have all my little inanimate dolls out and they are all so happy to hear the podcast and have Darshan representing them ! Darshan, are you listening? lots of love and gratitude from your Indian sister…

  2. Jen Ward says:

    Darshan is listening. He is aware on so many levels. You may get a sense of his joy and confidence. He is helping the world balance back out. He bows deeply to your heart. No words are necessary he conveys.
    Thank you

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