Jen in her Jammies: Quality of Life

In this episode of Jen in her Jammies, we touch on the sensitive topic of abortion for a different vantage point.

There were little joyful experiences in my childhood. One friend asked me once to think of my happiest moment when I was a child. I have a photographic memory but could not think of one happy experience. I am sure there were some, but they were usually times that were devoid of trauma, so they were happy in comparison.

I was cursed on my birth by my mother. She delivered me in a drunken stupor. She hung on to the doorway frame of the wall when they tried to take her to deliver me. She just screamed how much she hated me. I lived my life in galvanized numbness. I don’t think I have been able to fully shake it. I was well in my twenties before I realized that some parents love their children.

People always say they are speaking for the unborn. But they are not. They are speaking for their religious bias. They are speaking for a conditioning to bring babies into the world for some kind of political numbers game. The unborn would be better off if they landed in a place of love for them. I was not so lucky.

What I have endured, I would not inflict on an innocent baby. There is the starving, being poor, being unloved and trying to thrive through incredible dysfunction. It is not something I think of everyday but the trauma of being a “have not” in a world of “haves” is the cruelest fate you can thrust on a baby. It would be different if it was merely a material thing. A mother’s love can help a child through any disadvantage. But without the love between a mother and child, the fate of both seems an unnecessary fate.

I know everyone who says they are pro-life think they have the most scrupulous vantage point. But if they lived the life of a loveless baby, they may be much more agreeable to allowing there to be a choice. Perhaps they can trust Love to make the best choice for each soul and take their discretion out of the equation.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release the trauma of being born; in all moments

We release being sentenced to a life of apathy; in all moments

We release being forced to incarnate in an unloving environment; in all moments

We release the apathy and judgement that has formulated the confines of my existence; in all moments

We release the tampering of agreement between parent and incoming soul; in all moments

We release being forced to be born; in all moments

We release the apathy ensconced in being a “have not” ; in all moments

We dissipate the psychic energy of ignorance and control regarding procreation; in all moments

We release being a byproduct of societal ignorance and control; in all moments

We are unburdened by the subjugation instated by the self-righteous; in all moments

We release being used as a bargaining chip in the subjugation of humanity; in all moments

We expunge the concept of murder from the innocuous choice of a woman to choose; in all moments

All of the heavens and all of the angels, protect and support a woman’s right to choose; in all moments

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