Medical Intervention: A Private Session

Clients come to me as a blank canvas. I usually know nothing about them but their name. When this woman came for a session, I was seeing only one past life. It was of a hopeless child laying on the ground in a concentration camp while indifferent solders walked around her anguished body. When she told me that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, the reason for this one past life to bleed through was apparent.

In our work together, I could see that she needed all the correlations between the devastating life in the concentration camp to be disconnected from her present lifetime. If left unaddressed, she would have correlated the professionalism of the doctors with the indifference of the guards at the concentration camp. She would have associated the hospital with the camp itself. She would also have identified with the experience of needing treatment with the futility of the morbid outcome of that lifetime. She would have identified the present situation with the outcome of death that was her reality in that life. The work we did in her one hour session was to recognize all the associations from that past life and use the SFT protocols to disengage the past life trauma and outcome with the present reality. Now she has hope.

Anyone viewing this session will get an overview of how to use the four different SFT protocols to disconnect worry and trauma of the past from their present life. They will learn how to use the issues that pop up in one’s thoughts as opportunities to release stagnant energy rather than seeing them as roadblocks to obsess over. This video will be beneficial to anyone who is dealing with a diagnosis or regularly indulges in worry.,

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