Merchandise to Support Jenuine Healing


We have made a conscious decision to continue Jen in Her Jammies and other podcasts of mine on youtube without the interference of advertisement moving forward. There are three main reasons:

  • I don’t want the listener to believe that I endorse anything that is linked on my youtube channel.
  • I don’t want any of my energy or intentions to be used to fuel something that does not act in freedom of the individual. Most advertisement is manipulative by design – and that is counter to the messaging of Jenuine Healing.
  • I don’t want what I write to be censored in any way. I don’t want to have to slant the narrative to the will of advertisers. This is counter to the messaging of Jenuine Healing as well.

I remember hearing truth from a renowned person years ago. But the more I listened, the more I wondered why he did not talk about past lives. He understood metaphysical principles but stayed away from talking about past lives.

I realized that he was unable to talk about reincarnation because the subject was counter to his sponsors. I watched as his effectiveness slowly dwindle. He showed up selling some kind of health supplement later.

It was very disappointing. But it showed me that the message needs to be as truthful and as outside of the box as possible. In this way, it creates a safe haven for all perspective and collects them all under one umbrella.


With this in mind, we are working on merchandising as a means to support our devotion to what we share. If you receive something positive or healing from watching my podcasts, or reading my posts, know that it is intentional and a valid representation of what each podcast or writing is infused with.

If you would like to perpetuate the wonderful healing energy for yourself or others, you may want to support our future merchandising efforts.

The first line of merchandising will be a limited-edition production of caps bearing the Jenuine Healing logo and the tag line “RELAX YOUR ATOMS”. It will be manufactured and distributed out of Australia using a hat design bearing distinctive Australian Aboriginal motifs. The US$125 plus shipping price point of these caps reflect the energy and intention behind the product. Production will begin in the next two weeks. Please feel free to leave a comment in this blog to indicate you pre-production interest in securing one of these special symbols of appreciation for Jenuine Healing.

Alternatively, you can add your support to our Patreon page

The end of suffering, power mongering, slavery, tribalism and manipulation are our goal. A spiritual renaissance is in the process of ensuing. We appreciate your support and agreement with world Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Wholeness and Peace.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Merchandise to Support Jenuine Healing

  1. Dawne says:

    My wish is that these beautiful caps sell out quickly and that you will be encouraged to continue producing beautifully crafted pieces. My personal financial situation leaves me in a position where I’m unable to participate at this time, but I send so much loving energy to this wonderful endeavour.

  2. Michele Morrison says:

    I’m IN! With everything mentioned here. I understand these highest of intentions, and love and support Jenuine Healing.

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