Mother’s Day Group Session

There is such pressure on us to have wonderful experiences when we do not. The illusion of having a wonderful relationship with our mother or being the perfect mother is a lot to live up to. The pressure to embrace motherhood or see your flawed parent as angelic can take a perfectly good dysfunctional life and derail it into one of shame and inadequacy.

It wasn’t until I was well in my twenties did it even occur to me that parents love their children. I saw a famous actor as a child in home movies and it struck me how much she was loved. This was a new revelation to me. Some children were loved. Some parents loved their children. Why wasn’t I loved? What was wrong with me?

Maybe I am not the only one who has this reality. Maybe there are so many others out there are suffering with a mother that was their oppressor in a past life and agreed to continue the relationship in a more authoritative role. Maybe others are out there just trying to survive being in such a karmically charged relationship with a mother that it is hard to function.

Maybe there are mothers out there who are unable to admit that they really don’t love their children In that way that is depicted in greeting cards. Perhaps the guilt of feeling let down by your child or resenting them far more than seems okay to admit.

In a group session, we will be releasing everyone from the traumas of motherhood through a series of SFT taps, from both the vantage point of being and held in a karmic relationship and being or having an antagonistic relationship with your mother. This is a great gift to give mothers with troubled children and a great gift to give yourself, siblings or friends with impossible mothers.

This work can shift dynamics of the whole family. It can allow all those in dysfunctional mother-child dynamics, the validation and freedom that they only dream of. If interested, please join us on May 9, 2021 at 7pm New York time for a very special group sound healing session on Zoom. You can complete your order by clicking on this link >>>

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