Priestess Trapped in a Pyramid: A Private Session

This session was a client’s second session.  In the first session we released ingrained self-deprecation.  In the present life she was not attracting the love that everyone deserves.  Her father died in service when she was a baby.  That was affecting her present life of perceiving the love of a man as a distant lofty idea.

A lot of this session took her back to the young daughter of a pharaoh who died in her teens.  She was surrounded by advisers who represented her father but she didn’t have that close affection of her father.  From these two life times, she interpreted male love as being distant.  She also tangled love with responsibility.

When she died in the pharaoh lifetime, her personal advisers and some of her precious items were buried with her in the pyramid that was her sarcophagus.  She did not cross over naturally in that lifetime.  She stayed in the pyramid as part of her duty.  It created triggers in this lifetime.  She hated being told what to do because of the advisers that surrounded her.  They showed up in this present life and resented her for being killed to accompany her into the pyramid.  We released her and their energy from that sarcophagus.

She also detested small spaces.  Its no wonder.  This exposes the underbelly of being born a Pharaoh’s daughter.  Being trapped in the sarcophagus of your own pyramid.  Recognizing how that shows up in the present life. She could not perceive herself beyond duty. There was no way to show her this blind spot except to make a comparison between herself and Britney Spears.   Then she got it.  She was able to shift vantage points.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We release confusing love for responsibility; in all moments

We release being trapped in a sarcophagus; in all moments

We release being trapped in responsibility; in all; moments

We release feeling like there is no existence beyond responsibility; in all moments

We release clinging on to responsibility for dear life; in all moments

We remove me from hell; in all moments

We free me of being trapped between lifetimes; in all moments

We take all my energy back that has been trapped in the sarcophagus; in all moments

We gain a sense of purpose beyond responsibility; in all moments

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