Compact Healing Session

$100.00 USD 10 minutes

Many people tell me that they want private time with me and are saving up for a session.  Here is a way to have a private session with me in a more cost-effective and compact format:

  • Sign up for the compact session using the calendar below
  • When you sign up, in a short statement, tell me what the specific issue is that you want addressed
  • Allow me to tune into you and sense the issues
  • I will message you with some insights regarding the core issue, and will give you some SFT taps to do on your own as I work on the issue energetically
  • We connect for a 10 minute zoom video conference at the scheduled time you selected upon booking to make certain we have thoroughly addressed the issue
  • I may give you some more homework to do during the zoom call.


The session is thorough assistance with any issue. It could be:

  • A lost pet
  • A health diagnosis
  • A spiritual question
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Assisting a loved one
  • The crossing over of a pet or loved one
  • Connecting with someone on the other side
  • Love issues
  • Living your purpose
  • Fears and phobia
  • Post traumatic stress issues or anxiety
  • Past life triggers
  • Recurring pain or issues
  • Family concerns
  • Overwhelmed with current events
  • Remove curses or bad juju
  • Sexual issues
  • Starting a family
  • Job issues
  • Career changes
  • Understanding why things aren’t manifesting for you
  • Etc

These compact sessions may be a good introduction and a precursor to a more comprehensive one hour healing session. The full one hour healing session can be booked by clicking on the link

Please use the calendar below to schedule and purchase your session.  Times are in the default time zone set on your device (or select a different timezone from the drop down at the top right of the calendar).  Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).