Group Sound Healing Session: May 16, 2021@ 7pm New York Time

$125.00 USD

When I offer a sound healing session, things are released at such intangible levels.

When I use song and sound healing during private client sessions, things are extracted that were previously deposited out of fear, neglect, unworthiness, misunderstanding, traumatization and indoctrination. Many issues may have been deposited by foreign energies that people may identify as demons. A lot of trauma was inflicted when the individual didn’t have an entirely formulated brain; during infancy, or in utero. Because the sound healing doesn’t depend on conscious understanding, these things can be released easily without the individual feel affronted by the process.

I will be facilitating a group sound healing session on Zoom on May 16, 2021 at 7pm New York time. Complete this order to secure your place is this very special group healing session.