Hands on Healing: Wodonga Australia

$750.00 USD 60 minutes

Someone could spend a lifetime trying to find the right modality that can give them relief from pain and discomfort. Even if they are open to alternative practices, which ones do they choose? Some modalities may give relief, but it is a combination of modalities that can hone on all the lifetimes of issues that are coming to the surface in this physical body.

I have not performed private sessions for years. I wasn’t feeling people appreciated the depth of healing that they received. But people are more open now. So, many more people are searching for an upgrade and the world needs to have a better understanding of what they used to view merely as faith healing.  It takes a lot of research, training and different modalities to bring someone back into balance after being mangled by life.

When someone commits to come to me for a private session, that commitment starts the healing process inwardly. When they come to me in person, it can be compared to no other experience that they have had. There is an assessment that is done in energy that may happen even before they arrive. Emotional issues, mental blockages, tangled energy, past life triggers and a whole bunch of issues not even allotted to concepts will be released.

Many issues will be released through touch, tapping, sound healing or unwinding the body.  The deepest issues may just easily melt away. It may seem like a faith healing to some. For me, it is just the new normal.

Everyone that comes to me for a hands on healing is treated with the care of the Adepts. We will do everything possible to bring you back to balance.

If you are traveling to the Wodonga region for a hands on healing session, please consider investing a couple of days of your time and visit the wider region. The locals will really thank you for it!

When booking a hands on healing session, please select the Melbourne, Australia timezone in the booking calendar.