Heal Your Twin Flame and Soul Mate Wherever They Are: Sunday September 19, 2021 @ 2pm New York Time

$325.00 USD

Repair your relationship with yourself by:

  • Untangling the confusion between Soul Mate and Twin Flame
  • Assisting both your Soul mate and Twin Flame
  • Do taps on behalf of both your Soul Mate and Twin Flame
  • Interrupt pushing them away through “want” and “need”
  • Make the most altruistic gesture to help them both wherever they are
  • Do all you can to benefit Soul Mate and Twin Flame
  • Learn to surrender the ache of separation

We have been conditioned to want. We have been conditioned to need. But need and want do not exist in the same latitude and longitude of have.  So if you are wanting to meet your Soul Mate or your Twin Flame, you may be actually push them farther away.  And what if they are looking for you (they are) but they are pushing you away as well.

What if you were able to make the most altruistic act of love and do taps to benefit your Soul Mate and Twin Flame even if you don’t know who they are. Perhaps your intention of releasing their blockages will assist you in drawing them closer to you.

Also, people are confused about the dynamics and the role of the Soul Mate and Twin Flame. Many are confusing your relationship with them. This confusion causes more entanglement that may prevent you from accepting your true mate when you find them. We will assist you in untangling the understanding of them so as not to push them farther away.

This workshop will be held on Sunday September 19, 2021 at 2pm New York time. It will be conducted over three hours and will contain new information, involve interactive activities, and of course lots of tapping.

You will receive a zoom invitation link with the workshop materials attached prior to the workshop. It will be highly beneficial for you to print out the workshop material beforehand.