Interactive Events Subscription

$150.00 USD on the 1st of each month


Jen and Marvin have created an opportunity for all those who appreciate a strong connection with us to participate in weekly Jenuine Healing interactive events.

The regular weekly zoom calls will be held each Sunday at 3pm New York time. They will cover various topics, including mini healings, discussion of spiritual topics, Q&A sessions, readings from Jen’s books, and more. Here is a video of the first Jenunine Healing subscribers event


Benefits of subscribing to the Jenuine Healing interactive events are:

  • More ready access to Jen’s assistance in emergency situations
  • An outflowing of healing intention for yourself and your loved ones
  • interact with Jen and Marvin in real-time during events
  • The latest understanding of what is happening in the world as guided by the Adepts
  • Greater self-empowerment in your journey towards enlightenment
  • Learning to tap into the Adepts and your own direct knowingness
  • Improving your ability to perceive in energy
  • Understanding the upgrade from 3rd dimension to 5th


This is an automatic renewing monthly subscription. When you sign up, you will create and account with a username and password. You can manage your subscription at any time by logging into your Jenuine Healing account at You will also have access to video recordings of all events and other exclusive content created by Jen and Marvin such as the “Jen’s Gems” podcast which is excludive available to Jenuine Healing subscribers.

An alternative to the Interactive Events Subscription is the Exclusive Content Subscription level available at This basic level of subscription will allow you to access exclusive content, but not participate in the interactive group events.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

First payment prorated. Next payment: July 1, 2022