Jenuine Healing Subscription

$150.00 USD on the 1st of each month

Marvin and I have created an opportunity for all those who appreciate a strong connection with us to subscribe to Jenuine Healing.

I detest groups as much as the rest of you. This will not be a closed group. When there is a group consciousness formed, the energy of the members folds in on each other and prevents the energy from emanating out in all directions. Subscribers to Jenuine Healing will help support the intention of world peace as Marvin and I continue to work relentlessly to uplift all of humanity.

The benefits of signing up for the monthly automatically renewing subscription is in the intention itself.  The work we do is vital for the upliftment of humanity. By supporting the intention of our work, you are supporting an upgrade to all life. Instead of being concerned that you are not donating to the right issues to make a difference, you can support the work that we do and know that all your pet concerns are being addressed all at once.

Also, when you send out this intention to validate our intention, it may well expand the capacity in you as well.  It is a way of telling the Universe that you are aligned with the work we do. It creates a synergy in the outflow of all those who wish to uplift what is possible in healing and peace in the world.

Other tangible benefits of subscribing to Jenuine Healing are:

  • Discounts on sessions
  • More ready access to my assistance
  • An outflowing of healing intention for yourself and your loved ones
  • Monthly group tapping sessions
  • Monthly sound healing sessions
  • Monthly question and answer sessions
  • Monthly readings and tapping from the SFT Lexicon: Second Edition
  • Monthly poetry readings of Jenuine original poems.
  • The latest understanding of what is happening in the world as the Adepts tell me.
  • Empowerment in your own abilities
  • Learning to tap into the Adepts and your own direct knowingness.
  • Understanding of the upgrade from 3rd dimension to 5th

As part of this subscription offer, you will be invited to participate in between six and eight zoom calls over two hours each per month covering various topics, including mini healings, spiritual topics, Q&A sessions, readings from Jen’s books, and more. Here is a video of the first Jenunine Healing subscribers event


This is an automatic renewing monthly subscription. When you sign up, you will create and account with a username and password. You can manage your subscription at any time by logging into your Jenuine Healing account at You will also have access to private video recordings of any session that you were not able to join in person.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

First payment prorated. Next payment: June 1, 2022