Rainbow Hat

$150.00 USD

Whenever someone reads my posts, does my taps, has a session with me or watches my videos, they are connected to me.  I am always reminding people that I have the ability to connect with them in energy if they are feeling under assault, lonely, overwhelmed or invalidated.

In ancient times, individuals would join spiritual groups and would be strung along by initiations. These initiations were designed to establish a pecking order. But it did make the individual feel like they belonged to the group. All an initiation is in the real sense is taking the initiative in one way or another. We are providing a means for you to take the initiative to support the Jenuine Healing intentions in the world and add your love in synergy to the intentions that we provide for humanity.  It is a powerful means of connecting without being tethered to obligations or other lower world intentions

The limited edition caps that we are now providing is a constant reminder that my love and healing intentions are always with you. On your part they are initiating your intention to align with our highest intentions. The price point of the caps reflect the sanctity of that purpose.

Price: US$150 including postage and handling. Shipping is from Australia, so please allow at least 15 business days for delivery.

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