SFT Facilitator Workshop #1: May 23, 2021@ 7pm New York Time

$325.00 USD

Many people have been asking me what they need to do to become an official SFT Facilitator.  The taps and the protocol were create through an intimate relationship with the Adepts (spirit guides working to uplift the consciousness of humanity).  Each tap was born out a series of painstaking lessons that may have taken years to have the ramification of one nugget to sink in.

It is evident to me and to a lot of people who resonate with the SFT protocol that being a SFT facilitator is the next greatest thing to empowering all individuals. It is a means to raising the consciousness of the planet through teaching others to release the heavy issues that once burdened them.

Many people are feeling called to officially become an SFT facilitator. Since it is something that so many people resonate with, It makes sense that I would bless those who are drawn to share this technique to unburden others. But there is a lot I can teach people as to how to engage the client and the process to be the most ethical and karmically clean experience in healing.

This group session will be the first of its kind. I will give everyone the understanding behind everything I do and how to prevent themselves from feeling any negative reactions to such incredibly deep work. I will be downloading a lot of information into the attendees and giving them access to the “files” necessary to be confident and successful in assisting others.

The first session will be 3 hours. Brings your questions. Expect to be challenged and inspired.

The first SFT Facilitator Workshop will be held on May 23 at 7pm New York time.