SFT Tapping Masterclass Workshop: July 9, 2022 @ 3pm New York Time

$150.00 USD


Join Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider for this unique masterclass workshop designed to arm you with a powerful healing tool called SFT tapping. This dynamic healing protocol has proven time and again to assist individuals overcome core issues that they often consider to be unsolvable. With a little bit of training and working through resistance, you can bypass the ego and tap into the wondrous realms that create miracles beyond the conditioned responses of mental reasoning.

This masterclass workshop will be conducted via a zoom call lasting three hours and will explore the inner workings of the SFT tapping protocols. It would be highly beneficial for participants to order a copy of The SFT Lexicon: Second Edition (https://jenuinehealing.com/product/the-sft-lexicon-second-edition/) prior to the event.

The second edition of The SFT Lexicon and this masterclass workshop will quickly become your ‘go to’ resources for achieving a purpose led, fulfilled, and transcended life.

Gifted dynamic healer Jen Ward has spent decades researching the core issues preventing most people from living their best life. Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique ability to perceive in energy and read akashic records. This, along with her Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, allows Jen to work with clients to remove blockages to happiness and effectiveness that exist within any individual.

Over the years, Jen has constructed thousands of SFT taps to remove hundreds of core issues common to a lot of people. Those taps, and the insights underpinning the taps, are now available to you as part of the second edition of The SFT Lexicon. It contains SFT taps focused on removing blockages and core issues dealing with physical ailments, emotional issues, psychological issues, other behavioral issues, and relationship issues.

Once blockages and core issues have been removed with SFT tapping, all vestiges of self-doubt and mediocrity are dissolved, and all doors are opened for individuals to realize their potential. This affords them the ability to tap into the holy grail of their life’s purpose.