Winter Solstice and Celebration Workshop: Tuesday December 22, 2021 @ 7pm New York Time

$350.00 USD

Strengthen your Relationship with Trees and Nature Spirits.

Tuesday December 22, 2021 @ 7pm New York Time.

$350  3-4 hours

Before recorded human history, the Solstice was the time when the sun was celebrated and all the energy that has been depleted from individuals was returned. The imbalances that we now observe in society may be directly related to us veering off course from nature.

Humans are an aspect of nature. The transcendence humanity will be greatly assisted by us getting back into alignment with the sun, earth and all celestial bodies. In doing so, humans will naturally regain their communication and understanding of ethereal interactions.

In this workshop, attendees will be:

  • Learning how to enhance their subtle senses in communing with nature
  • Gaining the understanding and practical wisdom of the Druids
  • Releasing in themselves and the collective aversion to embracing their sensitivities
  • Learning the nuts-and-bolts ways to enhance their personal strength through helping trees
  • Participating in an interactive Druid Meditation with a tree.
  • Learning how to merge consciousness with a tree
  • Learning how to listen to the wisdom of trees
  • Learning how to observe life as a tree
  • Doing SFT taps on reawakening the collective to reverence for trees
  • Returning to nature and trees all that was stolen from them through arrogance, ignorance and commercialism.


Attendees will need a writing utensil, colored pens, pencils or crayons.

As preparation for the workshop: Think about a few special experiences you may have had with trees. As you commit to attend the workshop, memories of experiences with trees long ago forgotten may resurface. You may realize that you have had a special relationship with trees all along, but the memory may have grown dim. As you prepare for this very special Winter Solstice, write down your most special experiences with trees.

This workshop will take place on a Zoom call for between 3-4 hours. Attendees will receive a zoom meeting link prior to the event.

*This will be my last Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a great time for us to celebrate our connection as well.