Projecting Your Success


One candle can be used to ignite all other candles.  Yes.  But did you ever try to work this out in your mind?   It takes the cooperation of all other candles to want to ignite the other candles.  What if they are not willing to do that?   In a perfect world, all candles would be tipping their wick to ignite their fellow candles.  But does that happen?  Many candles are too lazy or selfish to allow another candle to light itself off their flame.  They are afraid that the other candle will outshine them.  They are afraid of losing their own light.   They are also not as motivated as that one candle who strives effortlessly to light as many fellow candles as possible.  So a great intention is limited by the lack of motivation or drive of all the candles it has lit.

What this looks like in business is all dynamic leaders downloading all they know into all others around them.  It must be done with inspiration and momentum.  But few have done this. There has to be an easier way.

I was trying to convey this concept to one of my business clients recently.  She needed to understand what this looks like.  She was very much into micromanaging all people and situations.  It simply isn’t realistic to maintain.  I shared with her this analogy: one single candle can light up a whole room if it is surrounded by mirrors at different angles.  The mirrors will take the light off that one single candle and replicate it in many different variants depending on how many mirrors are angled around it.  This imagery was a way to show her how to reflect her light into the people who work with her.

I told her not to get annoyed when people at work seem to be copying her.  They probably don’t realize they are doing it.  They also don’t realize when they are rephrasing your wisdom verbatim and seem to own it for themselves.  If you get annoyed and try to pull back all your ideas and take credit for them, you are misunderstanding the analogy of the room full of candles lit with one candle.

Your wisdom, ideas and insights will reflect in your coworkers.  This is evidence that they see your brilliance and have angled themselves to emanate it as their own.  Do not be concerned that they are taking credit for your light.  If the goal is to “light the room”, they do need to reflect your brilliance to do that.  You don’t have to be concerned about them taking ownership of your light.  Anyone with any depth knows the difference between the original candle and its reflection.

Emanate as brilliantly as you can – because the original source of light will always be more dynamic than a reflection of it.  A reflection of your brilliance can only match it, never supersede it.  The more you have confidence in sharing your brilliance, the more that the invisible laws of the Universe; which are as exacting as gravity; will give you more to exude.  This you can rely on.  This understanding will remedy any resentment of jealousy of anyone around you.   are the source of inspiration that all others may seek.

The SFT protocols that I offer can assist in making dynamic changes that may otherwise take decades to accrue.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We diffract all the talents of individuals into igniting the whole; in all moments

We release all jealousy from the emanation of our own brilliance; in all moments

We ignite truth, integrity, wisdom and empowerment in all individuals; in all moments

We reflect our greatest potential onto the whole group; in all moments

We release allowing the brilliance of others dampen our own sheen; in all moments

We graciously empower all those around us with the benevolence of our encouragement; in all moments

We empower all others to their optimal success; in all moments

We raise the bar on all others and on the collective; in all moments

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