Release Being Sacrificed: A Private Session

There is an infinite barrage of experiences that happen in the psyche of man.  The problem with dealing with so many issues is that the human condition tends to negate any experience that is not rooted in physical reality.  But the physical reality is merely one filter on a multidimensional lens of realities.

If you say to a child who is experiencing monsters in their room that they are not there, you are going to lose the child’s trust.  The child is going to just assume that you are less aware then they are and they are going to feel more unsafe then ever.  Perhaps this is the whole issue with people who are diagnosed with mental illness.  They are having experiences outside of the range of the physical means of registering them, so someone with limited physical range will have no reference point to assist them.  So medication is administered to minimize the range of the person with more subtle perceptions.

Just because an experience doesn’t have its roots in the physical reality does not mean that it does not have teeth and is incapable of affecting us.  Anything in the realms of imagination is real in the more subtle mind regions.  Isn’t that the whole point of being entertained; to take the individual out of the heavy burden of the physical reality and allow them access to the more subtle realms.  Doesn’t this entertainment relax the individual and give them a reprieve from the physical existence?  These subtle experiences, although not rooted in physical experience, are impactful to the human psyche.  It is good to have a means to disengage from the trauma of the horrific experiences.  The SFT taps can do that.

There are some experiences that are so horrific and yet are archetypes for the human condition.  Many times someone who is inflicted with energies from a horrific scenario can not draw upon a means to release it themselves.  It may be too terrifying.  The client in this session was experiencing issues in his subtle energies that would have created insanity to experience physically.  But somewhere in his psyche they were playing out.  In this session, you can watch him get real relief when I speak about very surreal subjects and lead him through the taps.

Readers may wish to experience the SFT tapping for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We release the trauma of being sacrificed; in all moments

We release the trauma of being in hell; in all  moments

We release being raped by a demon; in all moments

We release being push head first into a volcano; in all moments

We release the trauma of experiencing our flesh melt; in all moments

We remove our selves from hell; in all moments

We are safe and at peace; in all moments

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