Removing All Curses: A Private Session

Curses do not exist in the belief system of many Western cultures.  But in many other cultures, curses are very real and have been a means of wielding power by those who have felt helpless in any other way.  Imagine someone being born with no wealth or status in an underdeveloped country.  Yet they have a cunning that is above their status.  How do they leverage clout?   They use the fears of others to give themselves an advantage by saying they can inflict curses.  They inflict fear on others, and it is interpreted as respect.  This belief system takes hold in a culture and it is handed down from generation to generation.  The belief system itself is cursing the individual.

A client came to me recently that was riddled with curses.  The experiences she was having were real.  The energies that she was experiencing were palpable.  She wanted to vomit all her fears onto me as a form of transfer.  I would not allow it.  I keep the highest vantage point possible when facilitating sessions.  This is a means sweeping all the stagnant energies that a fear riddled person has collected into a dust pan and empty them out of their energy field.

A curse is nothing more than someone inflicting their intentions onto someone else at a point of entry in their energy system.  They inflict fear onto the subject which overrides their intentions with one that self serves the person who is administering the curse.

There are indeed curses in Western culture.  But they are not called curses.  They are merely the intrusion of a well-meaning acquaintance.

An example of a curse is when a child wants to go to art school and the parent tells them all the reasons that it is a bad idea and talks them into going for a medical or law degree.  Many people who are not equipped for that profession are cursed into it by a well-meaning parent.  Curses happen all the time when a well-meaning friend gives unsolicited advice based on their experiences.  They say they don’t want their friend to get hurt in the future; so they hurt them in real time and refuse to support their friend’s intentions.

This client was so amazed how she went from absolute fear to complete empowerment. If I would have told her there was no such thing as curses, it would not have convinced her.  She would have just assumed that I was not skillful enough to help her.  So I validated her worst fears and showed her how to free herself of the energies that she, herself were emboldening.

Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

Giving away my power is released; in all moments

All leveraging of power over me is eliminated; in all moments

All curses on me are removed; in all moments

All curses that I have put on myself are removed; in all moments

All those who have taken my power are knocked out of my energy field; in all moments

All my energy is returned to me; in all moments

All fears are removed; in all moments

All openings for psychic attacks are closed up and repaired; in all moments

My whole self is centered and empowered in divine love; in all moments

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