Energetic Cleanse Protocol

The Energetic Cleanse in its original form was called the Energetic Divorce.  Jen had done a study into why there is often so much animosity between two people when they decide to call it quits.  She worked out a series of taps that untangled all the animosity that two people have for each other.

More recently, Jen has repurposed the original Energetic Divorce taps to suit a range of situations that are relevant to any person.  This upgraded protocol is now called the Energetic Cleanse.

The Energetic Cleanse can be used to disconnect from a difficult person, challenging situation or self limiting belief.  The whole intention of the Energetic Cleanse and the other tapping protocols is to empower individuals to free themselves without having to consult an “expert” every time there is an issue.

The Energetic Cleanse is a series of 42 taps that are applied to a particular person, situation or belief.  Identify what you want to cleanse, and then complete the suite of 42 taps by inserting the cleanse topic into the blank space of each tap in the series.  Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head, a 4th time while tapping on your chest, and a 5th time while tapping on your abdomen..

Example topic areas to be applied to the Energetic Cleanse:

  • Replace the blank in each tap with the name of a person that you want to disconnect from – e.g. “John Doe”
  • Replace the blank in each tap with a situation you wish to release from – e.g. “being overlooked for a promotion”
  • Replace the blank in each tap with a belief you wish to release from – e.g. “feeling unworthy of a pay rise”

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