Expunging Negativity Protocol

Some people really feel like there are forces working against them.  When this happens, these forces can become a self fulfilling prophecy in a negative way.  Their belief system starts to work against their own success.  If someone believes they are cursed or that they are a failure, they will manifest failure more easily than one who has confidence in their results.

The Expunging Negativity protocol is a means to energetically recalibrate your belief systems so you can believe in your own ability to manifest success.  The taps work to remove energetic blockages. But they can also access positive effects similar to the placebo effect.  If anyone has the sinking feeling that they are “cursed” or have a dark cloud over them, this protocol can assist them in changing outcomes.

The Expunging Negativity protocol is a series of 14 taps that are applied to a particular force or curse that you would like to expunge.  Identify what you want to expunge, and then complete the suite of 14 taps by inserting the expunge topic into the blank space of each tap in the series.  Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head, a 4th time while tapping on your chest, and a 5th time while tapping on your abdomen.


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