Sound Healing Group Session

We were very poor when i was a little girl. One time in the summer, we were allowed to stay out almost until dark. No one collected me to get in the house. All the other children went into the house without me.  When I walked in the house, it was ominous. There were no lights on. My father sat drinking a beer and smoking a cigar in the corner of a dark room. I felt my way up the stairs by using the railing as a guide.

I followed the sound of the voices of my siblings and the mother where they were piled on one bed. I found a corner of the bed and joined the rest of them being entertained by the circles my mother was making with her cigarette. She was in warrior mode protecting her babies.  She sang all these sad and melodramatic songs that she knew and embellished the stories behind them. This was her finest hour of motherhood. We were distracted.

When I offer a sound healing session, things are released at such intangible levels. There are songs that act as carrying agents for trauma to enter the body. Once they are delivered to their destination, it is nearly impossible to extract them. But they are able to be released as I sing random songs that were popular at one time; probably the time the trauma was inflicted.

During the sound healing sessions, things are extracted that were deposited out of fear, neglect, unworthiness, misunderstanding, traumatization and indoctrination. Many issues may have been deposited by foreign energies that people may identify as demons. A lot of trauma was inflicted when the individual didn’t have an entirely formulated brain; during infancy, or in utero. Because the sound healing doesn’t depend on conscious understanding, these things can be released easily without the individual feel affronted by the process.

If this resonates with the way you would enjoy releasing, please join us on May 16, 2021 at 7pm New York time for a very special group sound healing session on Zoom. You can complete your order by clicking on this link >>>

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