Spiritual Marriage Counseling: A Private Session

A recent client wanted a session with me but had no agenda. She was just open to anything I had to tell her. The session went immediately to her husband. He was a good man. They loved each other so much and it was frustrating to them both that they were not always on the same page.

When there are two people that are two halves of a soul coupling, one of the partners can carry all of one trait and the other person can carry all of another trait. When they come together, they share energy and they both benefit from sharing all the extremes that they carry as individuals. The fact that they carry all of a certain experience for the two of them can give the false impression that they are not suited for each other. But that is the illusion. And of course, the incredible love draws them together.

This woman is so enjoyable to be around. Her husband got the serious trait. Together they were completely balanced. In coming together in the fifth dimension, they can serve in the higher consciousness as one unit. Many things that the third dimension conditioned into relationships have to be released. One core issue that we revealed in our time together was her fear that she would be too spiritually aware and outgrow her husband. Part of our work together was reassuring her that she was doing the work for them both and she was bringing him along as well. This was added incentive for her.

I also explained to her a great way to use the SFT taps instead of having a big blow out fight. Instead of calling your mate out and putting them in defense mode, simply ask them to do the SFT protocol you can find on my website with what ever the issue is. “Honey can you do the Energetic Cleanse on refusal to put the seat down? “

Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We release the trauma of abandoning each other; in all moments

We release the trauma of leaving each other; in all moments

We release the fear of losing each other; in all moments

We remove all blockages to always being together; in all moments

We release the trauma of being separated by death; in all moments

We are centered and empowered in mutual love, understanding, kindness and respect; in all moments

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