Surviving Abuse: A Private Session


Many times abuse happens at an age that one cannot express the trauma that they have experienced. It just becomes a whole wall of confusion that one has to work around and try to appear unaffected by. This is a difficult task. Imagine trying to free one’s self of a devastating experience without the adult reference points of how heinous the trauma really was for a innocent child.

In this session, I am able to lead the client through the SFT taps to release the trauma that she has carried from childhood. She is able to release without having to relive or reenact the trauma. Her higher self conveyed the trauma that needed to be released and I gave her taps without her having to consciously relive the trauma.

This video will help anyone who is a survivor of incest or rape, and allow them to release all the stagnant energy that may be presently holding them paralyzed in trauma, grief, or abandonment. In a sacred role, I am able to supply the incredible love that is deficient in someone who has been violated, and allow this love to assist them in repairing their psyche and self confidence.

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