Technique to Stop Scanning Others


When someone asks too many questions and is fixated too intensely on watching you, they may be scanning you. This is a problem and creates a negative dynamic in you working with them. But what creates even more problems in working dynamics is when you unwittingly scan others.

When you look at people to size them up, you are scanning their energy for weaknesses. This will manifest as you judging them. Doing this is a violation of their psychic space. It is very off putting.

People will often think that others don’t like them for no reason. But on a subtle level, people know when they are being scanned and will have an aversion to it; which translates to an aversion to the one scanning them.

This is a huge deterrent in business. It can seem harmless enough if someone even knows they are doing it. But it is a means of looking for an opening in someone’s energy and trying to push your way in. It is an energetic way of trying to get your foot in the door. And though the practice may be unconscious, the dynamics are off putting and may cause the object of the scanning to having an aversion to being around you. This could cause a problem in trying to create working relationships.

To break the habit of scanning others, instead of looking for something negative in others, look for something positive. It is much more tolerable to have someone looking for the best in them, instead of the worst.

After you realize that you have indeed been scanning others, and can train yourself to see the best in others, the next step is to pull back and not scan them at all. When you interact with others, it should be in neutral energy. Learn not to step in their energy field, because you don’t want them in yours. You may notice your interactions with others much more satisfying.

The SFT protocols that I can offer to assist in making dynamic changes that may otherwise take decades to accrue.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

 All personal boundaries are respected; in all moments

All tendencies to try and over take others is released; in all moments

All are appreciated and valued; in all moments

Benevolence is afforded to all in my presence; in all moments

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