I scrubbed my cupboards today. I wasn’t sure why it was so important for me to do so, especially when I have so many other things to do.

Our kitchen has lots of cupboards. People comment on how many we have and all the space we must have. The truth is I’ve not really liked them since we bought the house 16 years ago. I even say it. As if people want to hear me complain about them when they tell me how many cupboards I have. Buzzkill!

I started to take a portion of them apart thinking I would do a test run of a re-facing of them. This was a project I planned a year ago and it hasn’t happened yet. So I have a section ripped apart. It looks so disjointed. I should have just left it alone.

I would just love to rip them out and replace them and today as I was scrubbing away, I thought to myself, “Why put in such effort when you just want to replace them?” Money doesn’t grow on trees, but I often visualize a new layout with different cabinets.

Then it hit me as I sat on the floor with the scrub brush in hand. I looked at the ones I had cleaned and I realized that they looked and felt…..happy. They were literally exuding happiness. I could feel it. They finally got some attention from me and it was the most positive attention I have ever given them. It took 16 years. That’s a long time to wait for love.

The pull to clean them was from the cupboards. They needed to be loved! Yes, I got a nudge from what some would classify an inanimate objects. But as Jen has taught me, all things are made of matter and it all matters – it’s all living. I also realized that the ones I took apart feel vulnerable. Today helped them heal. It was nice to make them feel love and it helped me realize that I need to stop my harsh criticism of certain things, rooms, and my home in general. I felt a barrier and my judgement and words have been it! Time to clean house on thoughts and what I say and then a cleaner more organized home will follow. Thank you Jen Ward.