I would like to thank Jen for the very powerful healing session yesterday. I have only done the taps once so far and already I feel a big shift. Between ascension symptoms and my family of origin’s drama, my energy felt so frenetic. After doing the taps only once I now have a feeling of inner peace and internal strength. Although I am very tired, I feel a huge burden removed from my being and a sense of relief. I am blown away by Jen’s powerful gifts and her open-heartedness to share and give of herself constantly. People should know that there is a place to go for REAL healing. Jen is the “REAL THING!” She was able to identify and pull out deep seated issues that were quietly (and deadly) woven into my energy system like a virus in a computer. She isolated a past life that was hugely impacting my current life. My whole being knew the truth of her words and felt such gratitude for being freed from issues that had such a hold on me. As Jen does not advertise, she is the best kept secret – for now! More and more people should know about this woman, as she has the ability to free souls from the issues that are holding them in bondage. Pretty, pretty powerful! Thank you Jen!