I want to thank Jen Ward for all she does, not only for me, but for everyone that comes within her circle. She takes care of everybody that is willing. She is the wind beneath the wings of many, including me. I know of no other that offers what Jen does. She is not only gifted but she is available 24/7.

I have been friends with Jen for about 4 years on facebook. During this time, I have been blessed with her SFT taps that she offers day in and day out to anyone willing to do them. Watching and observing her all this time has only increased my admiration of her.

I have been tapping ever since I found her. I copy/paste into Notepad a lot of her taps because I can’t always do the taps right at the moment. With this method, I always have taps available to me even if I only have a few minutes to do them. What I really appreciate is when I hear something on the news that is distressing, I can go to Jen’s facebook page and find taps that address the situation. Jen stays on point at all times. She doesn’t miss anything and I find this comforting. She always broadens my focus.

The SFT taps are very effective. I have had mini-sessions with Jen where she gave me specific taps for my situation. The results, and also what I experience in doing them, are without doubt creating shifts that I can feel. I am sure she has saved me from surgery as I was at my last straw in healing something I was dealing with, recently. I did not realize what I was dealing with until I had the session with Jen. I now know that surgery would not have helped because it would not have addressed the situation. Have no doubt that Jen’s taps affect the physical. They do and it has changed my life for the better.

I also have had a full session with Jen and it was life-changing. With her gifts she was able to share with me things I needed to know and address that had evaded me until I met her. If you have any questions about your life, any areas that are stuck or any complaints, I have full trust in Jen’s ability to help. And, most of all, I have full trust in her heart and her motives.

Jen Ward gives tirelessly and fully. Just watching how she operates gives hope in what our new Earth will feel like when all are empowered. This is Jen’s goal, to empower everybody and she offers more than her share to assist bringing this about. I can’t think of anyone that compares to what Jen Ward has to offer.

Thank you, Jen. We are all blessed by you.

With all my love,