Hiya Jen, I’m going through boughts of insomnia. I keep thinking of you. Your post and writing are copious – of which I can hardly keep up. You have perspectives beyond any I’ve ever encountered that resonate as fields of openness. In reading your posts, I feel taken out of everything I’ve known, and brought to places inside that that run deep. Places where most don’t venture to go or to speak of and I’m grateful.

I saw you wrote of the experience of the Cathars, where you’d spoke of this reincarnation when I initially met you in person. It moved me to see it again. It feels so magnetically gripping – deeply etched or engraved. I get visceral feelings. The day you spoke of it in person, I couldn’t stop crying. I’d never experienced anything like that – it feels as if I lived it, multiple times in some way – perhaps due to being so ‘awake’ in intensity….

Alas, off to sleep –