The Cosmic Orgasm


About twelve years ago, the Adepts showed me the importance of love making in the regeneration of the planet. I didn’t understand the ramification of what they were showing me then, and most likely still don’t. But I got a bigger piece of understanding of it. I was shown how the interaction between male and female energy during love making has gotten thwarted. I also see what must happen to free the energy of the combined orgasm of male and female to energize the world. It happens through the pure intention of the Goddess.

Twelve years ago, they showed me the lost opportunity and misguidedness in focusing on the male’s pleasure during sex. In fact, the female orgasm was more important that the male’s personal pleasure. It is an opportunity to expound the energy of the earth in symbiotic proportions to the earths own toroidal field. The man and woman in love making, create a toroidal field as they climax together. This toroidal field can overlay the earth’s toroidal field as a means of strengthening it and regenerating it.

What they showed me twelve years ago was the energy of a man’s climax going up the spine of the woman and creating this surge through her that empowered her climax. How, I did not realize at the time? I only knew that her giving her intentions to feed the man’s ego by directing her essence into him was a missed opportunity.

Now it is clear that the woman’s orgasm is more important to the regenerating of all of humanity as long as she doesn’t collapse the magnitude of it by simply giving it up to the man. When a man ejaculates into a woman, his energy is going into her spine which is the vacuum aspect of her personal toroidal field.

Can you imagine the strengthening of the planet if every coupling was intended to feed the energy of the planet with this cosmic interaction rather than use it to empower the man’s selfishness instead? Woman was conditioned to give her energy linearly to the man. In doing so, she collapsed a dynamic exponential energy of a love making toroidal field that could be overlay the earth and uplift all of humanity in its potency.

She has been robbed of the awareness and ability to do this. This understanding is allowing me to give this cosmic gift made through coupling back to humanity as a gesture to heal her. Imagine the expansiveness of using the act of lovemaking to feed the energetic field of the whole planet. Imagine how strengthened the whole world’s energy field will become when more couples make this intention a regular part of their lovemaking sessions.

Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We remove all blockages to climaxing to my highest possibilities; in all moments.

All my energies are expounded into my highest expression of empowerment; in all moments

My partner and I merge into our highest potential; in all moments

All blockages to merging with my love are removed in all moments; in all moments

My love and I are centered and empowered in merging into higher consciousness; in all moments

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